Medical Marijuana Practitioners Inc. is a physicians referral and support service that applies evidence-based medicine to all recommendations of marijuana and its developed forms (ie. oil, lotion, aerosols, etcetera) for the medical application of its use. This involves research utilization, direct clinical assessments, and patient involvement to achieve the best clinical outcome.

Personal assessments are done on each referred patient by an experienced clinical physician in a timely manner at each MMJP clinic, followed by consultation with a nurse/educator regarding application, registration and on-going support. The recommended choice of Licensed Producer, specific 'strain' and mode of delivery are based on experience, condition, availability, cost, and individual preference. Consultation reports are sent to all referring physicians, and follow-up appointments are arranged accordingly.

All necessary documentation, including consents, are attended to based on current medico-legal requirements, and all data collected is shareable with the appropriate consents for present and future research. In addition, MMJP is actively pursuing insurance companies to ensure the patients are obtaining the financial support they medically need and to which they are entitled.

There is no charge to the referred patient for these services, nor is their any impact on referring physician billing funding as all MMJP physicians' OHIP billings use 'out of basket' billing codes.

If you feel that your patient may benefit from medical cannabis, but do not feel comfortable in recommending it in accordance to The Cannabis Act, we encourage you to obtain our referral form.

If you are interested in becoming involved with MMJP, please contact